Corruption in the Philippines

Brother Hamilton,
Thank you for your reply but I still must strongly disagree with your conclusions regarding Rody Gumpad and his family.  I'm 28 years old and am supported by no church nor am I trying to align myself with any group of preachers.  I have no axe to grind or anything like that.  The only facts I have relate to my experiences over the past several months.  I can tell you that Rody is a good man simply trying to do the Lord's work.  He is not materialistic as many have accused him of being nor does he throw "ostentatious parties" as I read in one of the emails.  He certainly has more than the average Filipino (nice house, cars, etc.) but he is NOT rich.  As an American I would think you would be able appreciate that fact.  I could site many more facts related to the kindness and generosity they have shown me during my stay here.  Rody and Tessie have gone completely out of their way to help and encourage me over the past several months.  I suppose I could start a website documenting all the GOOD that is going on here but what purpose would that serve?  The Lord knows whether our works are good or evil and will reward us accordingly (2 Cor. 5:10).  I hope you will consider taking your website down because maintaining something like that serves only selfish purposes and divides brethren.  God knows there are better things we could be doing with our time.

[Editor's Note: Jeff Hamilton's reply]

[Editor's Note: "Rich" is a relative term. Ryan admits Rody is rich by Filipino standards, but compared to US standards he appears to be not rich (perhaps average?). What isn't being factored in is the cost of living in each country. While the typical American makes far more than a typical Filipino, the cost of living is far higher because we expect to live with a higher amount of "necessities."]

[Editor's note: Ryan was engaged to Rody's daughter, Jennifer Gumpad, at the time of this writing.]