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Subject: field report
Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 14:25:55 +0800 (SGT)
From: men mark tumandan <>

Dear Brother ,

Grace, Mercy, and Peace be unto you
From God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord

I am so glad to tell you a field report concerning our worship there in Maasim part of Sarangani Province yesterday.

I with one gospel preacher left our home around 6:45 AM going to Kamanga church of Christ Maasim Sarangani Province with the distance of more than 63.9 km (39.7 miles), and we reached the area around 7:30 AM. I was the one who did the preaching, I preached concerning "WHY WORSHIP?". The preacher there in Kamanga is the  the preacher that I accompanied.

From Kamanga, he took me to Lunay church of Christ more than 22 km from Kamanga, the roads are so muddy, there are so many sharp curve roads and the road is so rough. But, due of that, we are running out time to reach the area, in the middle of the way, we went back to Kamanga going to  LOOK  church of Christ near in Kamanga church of Christ. The LOOK  church of Christ is in need of gospel preacher so the said brother recommend me. So happy to tell you, the congregation is so happy to work with me. Therefore, starting this Sunday, I will be the one who preach there.

From the time I left our home till I came back, I am starving in hunger. We have no rice in our home.

Thanks and God bless


In Christian LOVE,


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[Editor's note: I was unable to locate Lunay on a map. Judging from the distances given, Tumandan probably lives in General Santos City. I'm bothered by a few things in this note and am posting this simply to advise caution, but not to say there is a problem. By the way, Tumandan says in his blog on March 2010 that he is 16 years old.]