Corruption in the Philippines
Dear Brother Jeff Hamilton,
  Grace, Mercy and Peace be unto you
   From God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord

My dear brother Jeff, I am worried and my heart breaks when I search my name in the computer then I found out that my name was published in, in Philippine Corruption Website.

You have said that you did not locate the Lunay area in the map, and I agree with you that even you buy a World Map or search it in, but the fact still remain that there is a place named Lunay, part of Maasim, Sarangani Province. I want to tell you that I am not the preacher there in Lunay church of Christ, that time we were just invited there to preach but we can't due of the difficulties in the area.

I am not sixteen years old but I am 17, I started preaching when I was 13, I still remember when I was 13 that my dad always practised me how to preach.

The local church also that I mentioned in my previous letter which you have published, the Kamanga church of Christ located also there in Maasim, the preacher is brother Allan Kimnon, a very faithful brother in the name of Christ.

Yes, I am living here in General Santos City, but my provincial address is Sarangani Province, I am pure Full Blooded B'laan Tribe and a Full-Blooded Christian.

I do not know what is your intention why you published my name in the Philippines corruption, is it because you want the brethren to be aware of me...but one thing I want to assure you that I am not using the Gospel of Christ in order for me to get gain in financial matter to be use only for my sake, I am not using the gospel in order for me t be rich, I would rather be poor than to deceived my brethren. I am so afraid in deceiving the brethren because I am so afraid in God.

I am also a preacher as what I have said, one of the thing that I preach is to be honest, then how can I preach it if I am deceiving? Then I deceive my own self first if I deceive somebody especially the brethren and the sisters in Christ.

I am not using the gospel as I have said for me to be rich, but one thing I know that it is the power of God to save mankind. I preach because I dedicated myself to serve God, I want to please God not men.

No matter what the denominational preachers and even my brethren in Christ will tell against me, if they tell that I| am just preaching because I want to have support then, I don't care, that won't bother and affect my faith and my preaching.

I want to thank brother Jim Mcdonald for helping us the Filipino brethren, and to all the US brethren that keep on praying for us, keep on believing in us that we are only want to preach Christ and Christ alone.

I am so glad that we are member of the same church, the church built by Jesus Christ on 33 A.D and the only church that hold the doctrine of Christ.

I want to apologize if there is wrong and if I offend you with my letter. Please, pray for us here.

May God bless you and your Family and the brethren and sisters there in your area.


In Christian LOVE,


dad's e-mail

[Editor's Note: Hamilton's response.]