Corruption in the Philippines
Dear Brother Jeff,
Grace, Mercy and Peace be unto you
   From God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord

Thank you so much for your brotherly explanation which I brotherly understand. Yes, Filipino preachers (but not all) like me, preaching in the area where we are not living.

I want to say that, I am just a student, I am just depending to my dad, and dad is also depending to his monthly support which is $100 per month. If I will live in the area where I preach, there in Looc church of Christ, Sarangani Province then it is hard for me to go everyday here in my school, Mindanao State University.

I am grateful that even though in my young age I still able to preach because one thing that always run in my mind the statement in Eccl. 12:1 "Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth.." and I want to preach till my in my last breath.

Again, you said that I mentioned that I was not eating properly, and yes that is true. I am not ashamed to admit that. There are times that brother Allan Kimnon go to our house to ride me in his motorcycle every Sunday and sometimes Saturday, I just preach w/o food in my stomach but it won't bother me to preach.

The internet fee here per hour is 15 pesos, I have no personal computer or my own. Not all times, I can use computer, and when I use it, I am using it reading articles written by some US brethren like Brother Jim McDonald, articles that always send my brother Ron Halbrook, and some more like Brother Craig Gumpad and lots more brethren that are always sending me scriptural articles.

When I was 14 or 15 years old, I have already saw your web site, and my heart breaks because I found out that there are Filipino Preachers that are corrupt, but let us always think that are are also Filipino Preachers that are honest and sincere.

I am encourage by your web site to live up right in the sight of God. But, sometimes, I do not know whether it is true or not that are written in your web site.

My dear Brother Jeff, I read in your letter that you are Owner of Pistos Computer Services and Pistos Books and Supplies. I want to ask Religious Books from you, any Studies and Workbooks. I will assure you that I can use them here.

Thanks and God bless...


In Christian LOVE,


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