Corruption in the Philippines
Dear Brother Jeff,

Grace, Mercy and Peace be unto you
   From God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord

My dear brother Jeff, I know that your idea behind creating the Philippine Corruption Web Site is to encourage Filipino brethren to live upright in the sight of God, to be honest in what we are asking and to aware the brethren outside the country in helping the PREACHERS here that are keep on telling lie.

Even though I am hurt because I am also a Filipino, we can't deny the fact that there are Filipino that keep on deceiving, but let us put this in our mind that there are also Filipino Preachers that are honest and sincere.

For some, you are dividing, but as for me, you are warning the brethren. It seems that your web site keep on whispering in my ears, saying that I need to be honest daily.

I know that you are not against FILIPINO, I know that you have a BIG LOVE for the FILIPINO PREACHERS that is why you made the web site.

Thanks and God bless you..



In Christian LOVE,


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