Corruption in the Philippines

[Editor's Note: Steve Wallace's "White Unto Harvest" report from May 4, 1998]

To our Readers: Due to a mix up on the editor's end, the May report appeared in the April edition, and the April report was not given at all. In order to rectify this mistake, the May report is run again in this issue. I realize that the April report is "old news" now, but it is still worthy reading. If you would like to read the April report of international work, click here. My apologies to our readers, and brother Steve Wallace for the mixup.

Czech Republic

Steven Baxley ( and his wife, Ivana, plan to visit the U.S. in September. He will speak at several churches while there. If you are interested in having the Baxleys visit services please contact him. The churches in Hradec Kralove and Litomysl are both doing well. A couple from the church in Brno will be moving back to Litomysl soon and will be a welcome addition to the church there. Lectures were held in both cities during the month of February with average attendance in Hradec Kralove and above average attendance in Litomysl. Future lectures are being planned for both cities.

The Philippines

On March 27 brethren Jim McDonald, Ron Habrook and Andy Alexander will depart the U.S. to spend a month preaching at different places in the Philippines.

South Africa

Brother Paul Williams ( began his February report on a sad note, telling of the tragic death of one of the saints' mother. He and several other of the brethren were able to attend the funeral which was held at a location some distance away. The funeral itself presented an opportunity for the brother to speak and to refute ancestor worship, which is commonly practiced in this part of Africa. The church in Eshowe continues to have growing attendance. Brethren there are also helping small churches in out of the way places, either by taking turns preaching or interpreting for those who do preach. Paul spoke of a class he has been teaching on Friday evenings in Fuyeni. The drive there alone takes several hours and is not one that most cars would be up to. They go by pickup truck. The classes are conducted in a simple environment. Most of the Christians there are young people.

Assistance Opportunities:

South Africa

Paul Williams is losing $150 a month support which he needs to have replaced.

David Ngonyama, a fellow laborer of bro. Williams', is losing $100 a month support and urgently needs to have it replaced. If you can help him, please contact bro.Williams.

"48-yr.-old Ashley Goosen in Port Elizabeth is contacting churches in order to raise enough support so he can give his full time to preaching the gospel in that area. He is receiving some help which is enabling him to do a great deal of teaching and preaching among the coloureds and Xhosas. He is doing a good job and is a faithful man in life and teaching. I recommend him. I have known him for almost the entire 30 years I have been in South Africa. (Ashley Goosen, P.O. Box 28577, Sunridge Park, Port Elizabeth, 6008 South Africa. E-mail: )" - Paul Williams

The Philippines

Benevolent needs:

Ricardo Bangguwoy is taking treatment which will continue for 6 months. The treatment will be twice a month and cost P500 (about $13) every treatment. Contact: Domingo Dangiwan, Tabuk, Kalinga, The Philippines (From Jim McDonald's Philippine Report)

The brethren in the Philippines have been hard hit by drought and resultant loss of harvests. Brethren who have written of the losses in their area can be reached at the following addresses:

  • Dennis Lazaro, Centro, San Agustin, Isabela 3314, The Philippines
    Rey Graneta, Villa Concepcion, Roxas, Isabela 3320, The Philippines
    Rody Gumpad, P.O. Box 008, Tuguegarao, Cagayan 3500, The Philippines
    William R. Lagan, Sr., P.O.Box 195, Roxas St., Puerto Princessa City 5300, Palawan, The Philippines

Church building construction:

The church where Edgar Ugaddan preaches wants to build a building out of blocks to replace their present meeting place which, being made of bamboo, has deteriorated. The estimated cost is about $2,000. Edgar Ugaddan, P.O.Box 037, 3500, Tuguegarao, Cagayan, The Philippines

Another church that desires to build a building is where the following brother preaches: Bernardo A. Quibina, 58 McArthur Highway, Poblacon Central, Sison, 2434, Pangasinan, The Philippines

The Laoag City church presently meets for worship in a hotel. They have paid for a lot but need help with building a meeting house. If some brother has some money to lend they could slowly repay the loan. The building will cost $15,000 - $17,000. (The last three items are from Philippine Report)

The Cypress church has sent out a letter requesting help from individuals to help them build a building. Any amount one would send would go a long way in helping them. Cypress Church of Christ, P.O.Box 1501 Baguio City, 2600, The Philippines

Support needs

A former liberal preacher writes: "I was really enlighten about the errors of liberalism after how many years of being blind in the Institutionalism doctrine." He speaks of working to teach the church where he has labored about these matters and says, "I need books for this time brother. I know you know what book I need..." Longi Aliwak Bitong, Cadayakan, Maria Aurora, Aurora, The Philippines

Gregorio P. Delos Reyes, P.O.Box 45, Tuguegarao, Cagayan, 3500, The Philippines. "My family and I living very poor. My wife and I forced to work in the firld as a laborer with a wages of 60 pesos a day (that is $1.35, sw). Despite of this hardship and difficulties in our means of living, I am faithful to continue to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The congregation is about 20 kilometers away from my residence....I need someone to support me to work full-time." Can someone send this brother $50 - $100 a month?

Cesar L. Caaden, Church of Christ, Makilas, Ipil, 7001 Zamboanga del Sur, the Philippines. Brother Caaden writes of his needs to support his work of preaching at several different places in his area. Some travel is involved in his efforts.

Dominador D. Arcega, Jr., San Felipe, San Manuel, 2309 Tarlac, the Philippines. This brother is married with four children and helps in the work in San Felipe. Can someone help him?

Marlon Tenoso, San Felipe, San Manuel, 2309 Tarlac, the Philippines. He preaches at the church in Bila, which involves some travel. Could you help him with $50 a month?

(last 5 items from Philippine Report)

Please note: Check first and see if a given need has yet been met. Also, send money via international money orders via registered mail when mailing to the Philippines.