Corruption in the Philippines

[Editor's Note: This was taken from Steve Wallace's "White Unto Harvest" Report, November 2001]

This Month's Reports

The Philippines

Larry B. Guillermo writes: "There is continuous progress of the church where I preach. We have 2 baptisms since my first letter to you. We also have additional home Bible study schedules with interested folks of the denominational groups. The church's location is very remote, within mountain range and have dangers of the New Peoples' Army guerilla group of the communists. However, we don't mind these dangers because we have the greatest protector - God."

Gattaran, 3508 Cagayan

Alberto G. Dosngayon
July 2001

It was mentioned in our monthly report last June, 2001, that our Bible study at Malama, Conner, Apayao was established as another local church last June 24, 2001. We then conducted a Gospel meeting at Malama attended by four preaches from Kalinga, brethren: Domingo Dangiwan, Augusto Dangiwan, Augusto Bas-il and Rizaldo Apito on July 26, 2001. After the two scheduled preaching on the evening a woman who regularly attending our Lord's day service forwarded in front while we were singing the "I am resolved" to confess in her mouth that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God and believe that God has raised him from the dead. She repented in all her sins and was baptized after the Lord's day service July 29. Some attendance of our home Bible study at Malama are now attending our Lord's day service. We hope and pray they will obey the Gospel in the near future. We are now six Christians at Malama Church of Christ. I am now concentrating to open more home Bible studies in all puroks at Malama. There are two Seventh Day Adventist elders at Malama who are cooperating with us to open new home Bible studies to their Adventist members. These elders will also obey the Gospel in the near future as we are conducting Bible study in their homes.

In the morning of July 27 at 8:00 to 11:30 a.m., a Gospel preachers meeting was conducted, attended by the four preachers from Kalinga and seven preachers from Conner, Apayao. Our agenda about Gospel preachers unity. We have discuss that unity should be based on our relationship in Christ. Our unity should even motivate us to seek sound doctrine because of the Christ we serve. If we are, in fact, united by a common spiritual birth, we will seek accord in every possible area. We this decision on the basis of careful Bible study (Ps. 133:1; Eph. 4:3, 13; John 17:6, 8, 21; 1 Cor. 1:10; 2 Cor. 13:11; Col. 1:18; 1 Cor. 12:13; Acts 4:12; 2 Cor. 13:5; John 4:23-24). As church leaders study, write, and preach with harmony to develop gradually about the most important matters. The church is now perceived to be that body of people who agree upon a set of specific doctrinal issues which have been hammered out by a select few through discussion and controversy. In reality, tho se issues are more determined by what seems to be important at the time than by what is at the heart of the Gospel. If the Bible is our guide we should not ignore the Biblical teaching on Christian unity. After our Gospel preachers meeting at 11:30 a.m. one [in] attendance of our home Bible study at Purok 4, Cupis, Conner, Apayao informed us that he want to be baptized. Brother Domingo Dangiwan was used as an instrument for his water baptism.

Brother Domingo Dangiwan and reminded the group that it is also good to fellowship with other congregations especially during the visit of our American brethren and friends here in northern Luzon particularly at Tuguegarao City Church of Christ hosted by brother Rody Gumpad. I have quoted&ldots;verses from Phil. 1:5-6, "For your fellowship in the Gospel from the first day until now. Being confident of this thing. That he who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ." We are fellowshipping our fellow workers for the kingdom of God to comfort us to stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.

Alberto G. Dosngayon
Purok 3, Bulanao, Tabuk
3800 Kalinga