Corruption in the Philippines

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From: Steven J. Wallace
To: 'Nehemias A. Hayuhay'
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2004 8:50 PM
Subject: RE: Why?

Okay, let me be more direct:

Do you believe the Jews (Israel) were under a different covenant than we are under today? Or were they under the same covenant? If they were under a different covenant, when was it made? Was it at Sinai or creation? If at creation, do you keep the Sabbath holy today? What covenant was the Sabbath under?


Do you believe there is ONLY ONE EXCEPTION for divorce and remarriage: and that being fornication (a sexual violation of the marriage bed? Do you believe this law is unique to the New Testament church or were people always "UNDER" this law? Is that part of the "eternal covenant"?


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