Corruption in the Philippines

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Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 11:44:15 +0800
Subject: Edification or Clergy?
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My dear brethren,

I am just your brother who love the Lord and my brethren. I made this letter to all of you because I love you and His church here in our country.

Tragically, Christianity now has become something far removed from what it was in the first century. The church has become far too complex and in many ways, it was fallen into worldly from its spiritual and heavenly Position just because of our negligence, differences and pride. I am referring to the actuation of our dear brother Rudy Gumpad, he want to show to the brethren that serving God earned worldly things. I am not jealous for his brand new car, but the effect of that brand new car is something discouragement to the brethren. Our brethren here are getting hard on their living and here comes a preacher who bought a brand new car. A P600,000.00 peso is a big amount to help our needy brethren especially the farmers. I can't understand this kind of edification that you are teaching. They're nothing wrong to have brand new car but not this time of tribulation. I have a fear that preachers will be motivated in a wrong way. Please help us to grow and become independent not always dependent from you.

Let us live in the simplicity that is in Christ (2 Cor 11:2-3) Let us put aside carnal desire on the part of a gifted minority to bring the less gifted majority to heel and get them where they will not stand in the way of their soaring ambitions. May the Lord help us to experience the church as a family in reality instead of in mere rhetoric alone. I pray God will deliver us from American Corporation mentality, which has turned our local churches of a clergy-laity class system. Let us return to the New Testament reality that if we belong to Christ, then we belong to one another. If we differ in our understanding let us sit down and talk in LOVE.

Remember the early leaders of the early church were simply local men who cared for the assembly. Let us continue this kind of spirit and lay aside power and competition. My apology if I uttered words not for edification and may the Lord forgives me.

Your brother in Christ,

Roger Wanasen

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