Corruption in the Philippines

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Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 12:55:11 +0800
Subject: RE: Edification or Clergy?
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Dear Roger,
Since your message complains against Rody Gumpad buying a new vehicle, I wonder why you sent your message to brethren who did not give money for that purpose. You are simply promoting envy and strife (Ja. 3:13-18).

[Roger Wanasen] I have no complain against Rody Gumpad brand new car but I am afraid with the effect. I am a Filipino and I know my culture, which you don't understand. Read again my letter; "I am not jealous for his brand new car, but the effect of that brand new car is something discouragement to the brethren. Our brethren here are getting hard on their living and here comes a preacher who bought a brand new car. A P600,000.00 peso is a big amount to help our needy brethren especially the farmers." If you think it is wrong to inform my brethren about this problem please forgive me. Beside I don't know other brethren E-mail. Kindly give me the brethren e-mail or s-mail address who decided to give money for Rody new car. Please.

Your message is actually a complaint against brethren who wished to give money for that purpose. The brethren who gave for that purpose had a right to do so. It is their right to decide how to use their money (Acts 5:4). If brethren wish to give some money to a brother for a scriptural purpose (to buy a vehicle), the brother has a right to use the money for the designated purpose. Your message promotes envy and strife regarding the right of brethren in such matters of judgment.

[Roger Wanasen] I have no complaint against brethren who wished to give money, I do believed that they have the right on how to use their money but I am just appealing to you my brethren. Read again my letter; "There's nothing wrong to have brand new car but not this time of tribulation I made this letter to all of you because I love you and His church here in our country" The meaning of "envy" is discontenting aroused by another's gain. I do believe that I am not this kind of person. Before I started preaching, I have already two (2) vehicles and I learned to be content for what we have (Col 3:1-2); "strife" means conflict and struggle. I have no conflict feeling or struggle towards my brethren. I dis-agree on what they are doing but I still consider them, as my brother because I do believed that God is love and I need to love them. I never call them false teacher or divisive although we differ from our understanding from different issues. I am willing to learn and study with them in LOVE. (Phil 1:15)

Your message suggests that extending financial help to Filipino brethren creates dependence. When Lydia extended repeated hospitality to Paul, did she create dependence? No, she was increasing his freedom to spread the gospel (Acts 16). When the brethren at Philippi supported Paul "once and again," and when "other churches" provided support, did they create dependence? No, they increased his freedom to spread the gospel (Phil. 4:15-17; 2 Cor. 11:8). When faithful brethren in the U.S. help faithful brethren in the Philippines, it does not create dependence but increases the freedom of faithful Filipino preachers to spread the gospel. The implication of your message is that some brethren are trying to control other brethren by making them dependent. Such implications are false. Your message promotes envy and strife regarding efforts to increase the
freedom of Filipino brethren to spread the gospel.

[Roger Wanasen] Helping the needy brethren is scriptural but in the bible there is no favoritism and beside this is not the point of my letter. My point is; brand new car is not necessary in this point in time. If your point is to increase the freedom of the Filipino brethren to spread the gospel, Why bro. Rody Gumpad only? How about the others? (Phil 2:4) If you have no intention to control my brethren, why you warned them to study with other preachers/evangelist coming from your country. It is wrong to study with the Methodist, Chatolic, Mormon, etc or it is wrong to study with the brethren whom you dis-agree? (I Thes 2:4)

Rody has played a role in informing U.S. brethren of the needs of many Filipino brethren from time to time, including poor farmers and others, including those who suffer from diseases, accidents, natural disasters, and other calamities. Your message creates the impression that he seeks to supply his own needs while ignoring the needs of others. The implication is false. On the one hand, you charge Rody does not seek help for needy Filipino brethren, but, on the other hand, it is clear from your
message that when he seeks help for needy Filipino brethren, you will then accuse him of trying to create "dependence" and force his brethren to "heel." According to your message, there are still Filipino brethren needing help at this time. If the help could be sent in response to your message, would it be proper to charge that you are trying to create "dependence" and force your brethren to "heel"? So, when Rody makes efforts to help needy brethren, you will charge him with trying to create
"dependence" and force brethren to "heel," but when you make efforts to help needy brethren, you do not wish to be charged with such spiritual crimes. "The legs of the lame are not equal" (Prov. 26:7). Your message provides no edification but only promotes envy and strife.

[Roger Wanasen] I commend bro. Rody for being a good player in informing U.S. brethren of the needs of my Filipino brethren. I did not say that he is seeking to supply his own needs and ignoring the needs of others. I am just informing you that buying a new car for a certain good and talented preacher is not applicable while our brethren are getting hard on their living (Gal 5:13). When you come again try to sleep with the poor brethren and you will know what I am talking about. The only problem that I can see is that; you stay in a hotel or to a preachers which his house is big to give you comfort.

Your message charges that Rody is part of a "gifted minority" who is trying to bring a "less gifted majority to heel." Your charge is false. Rody and those of us who work with him from time to time "fight the good fight of faith" by appealing for people to obey God's Word (1 Tim. 6:12). Nothing more or less than the weapons of truth in God's Word are used. "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds" (2 Cor. 10:3-5). Your message with its false charges is carnal and promotes nothing but envy and strife. Satan himself is the accuser of God's people and you are doing his work by sending out your message.

[Roger Wanasen] Amen and Amen with your purpose(Mat 7:16), I pray it is true! When you come again try to stay for a long period of time so that you will know the real score. Visit the brethren and talk to them.

I plead with you to repent of your envy and strife, your biting and devouring (Gal. 5:15).

[Roger Wanasen] If my message creates envy, strife, false charge, biting and devouring. May the Lord forgive me. I am very sorry bro. Ron for informing you the real situation (Gal 4:16). I will not do that again, If you think buying a brand new car is for edification to the churches in the Philippines, it's up to you, after all we will all stand in the judgement of Christ. Again my dear brother I am sorry and forgive me.

In Christian love, Ron Halbrook

[Roger Wanasen] Your brother in Christ, Roger Wanasen.

Note: To all brethren who received my message, please forgive me also and pray for me. If you find time to visit us here in the Philippines, try to drop by in our congregation and let us study and edify one another. You are all welcome but don't expect us to believe on what you understand in the bible. We believed on the BIBLE ONLY. I have my TAGALOG bible, which you can't understand. Every man is liar except my Lord and Savior (Rom 3:4,10). Credit belongs to Him alone, Him alone!