Corruption in the Philippines

Dear Jim,

God be with you!

You know Jim, I really don't want to communicate with you anymore because you were just disturbing my attention and my works. That is why it takes me long to answer. I’m a busy man, I do some business to earn and have many preaching schedule, many responsibilities to many people to attend to. When you last visit here in the Philippines last March, many of my friends tell me to record our conversation. Why did they tell me that? Did I make a big mistake to not record? I hope not. But, from your letter it seems that they were right.

When I learned from the brethren in Cagayan that you stay and meet with Rody, I made a harsh letter to rebuke you. And that what I say to Bro Glenn. I keep on praying whether or not to send to you my letter but one of my good friends asked me if I send already my letter to you and I said not yet. You know what he said? "I am glad that you did not send because it would hurt him so much." I don’t want to see my brethren hurting, but sometimes we need to pain to gain understanding. Finally, I decided not to send it anymore but if you requested me to send it to you, I will be glad to do it.

Let me answer your question on your letter, I will put (RMW) on every answer that I will make.

The following quote came from an e-mail sent to me by Glenn Hamilton.

Finally Jim offers his own testimony. He fails to inform his readers that just the week prior to his trip to Cagayan, Jim promised Roman "Roger" Wanasen ( that he would not see Rody Gumpad while in Cagayan. Rather he promised to go straight to the police on his own and investigate the matter so that he would not be fooled. Anyone who wants to verify that Jim indeed promised such to Roger can write to Roger at his e-mail. Roger has already rebuked Jim for his lying so I am sure he will be willing to discuss the matter with interested brethren. Jim provides his own proof of his lying to Roger by stating they went to the police with Rody. Now we get to the real embarrassment for Jim. I have asked Jim before to name the officer Rody brought them to since I did not believe Rody would risk bringing them to the right officer. Sure enough, Rody brought them to the wrong officer. The desk sergeant to whom I spoke was SPO3 Marcelo Cabildo as is plainly evident on the police blotter here on the desk before me.

You wrote:

Roger, I never told you that I would not see Rody in Cagayan. I told you I would not allow Rody to be present when I talked with the police officer. I was mistaken about the officer's name but not about the officer. That was my error. But I did not tell you that I would not see Rody in Cagayan. Roger, you have told a falsehood to Glenn IF you told him that. Why Roger?


I don’t know bro Jim if you are getting old already. I heard in my two ears that you promised not to meet bro Rody Gumpad on your trip to Cagayan because you want to know exactly what happen to the death threat reported in the police station. I was really happy when I heard that from you. You continue said that; after my meeting in Cordon some brethren will accompany me to go to the police station directly. Are you denying all these statement bro Jim? How dare you! I respected you so much although that we have some disagreement on issues but I do honor you as a true and faithful servant. You ask "Why Roger?" But, I ask "Why Jim?" Why not accept the truth bro Jim? All of us subject to commit mistake but denying on what you said is something unbelievable since I look up you as a good and honorable servant of God. I trusted you, but you make me doubt now! Now I understand why my friend’s advice me to bring a tape recorder during our meeting at bro Ben Cruz house. I recall also that your trip is to investigate and rebuke those who committed corruption on the benevolence that you distributed. I hope you did it!

You continue:

And, Roger, if you have already rebuked me for "lying" when did you do that? I have had no e-mails from you since early April in which no such rebuke was made. If you told Glenn that you had already rebuked me for lying, Roger, please repent for you know you did not.


Maybe you did not consider a rebuke on what I told you during our meeting. Just because I did it gently and respectfully does not mean it was not a rebuke. I even present to you written evidence. I told you face to face that you made a mistake on the distribution and you accept it, that's why you are here to rebuke them. I am happy that you rebuke bro Jesse Julom (and others) but how about bro Rody Gumpad? Don't you know that he is appealing again for his wife medical treatment here in Manila? Why don't you advice him to sell some of his acquired land for the needs of his wife or even sell his P600,000.00 brand new car? Other brethren have been forced recently to sell their land to cover up critical medical expenses (if you want to know about this, we can talk separately) But, my point is that if the poor brethren can do that, then why not Rody? I know that you can't rebuke Rody since you reported already in your country that he is a honest, good, honorable and trustworthy preacher! (This is not true.) Of course if you rebuke him now (Bro Rody) your credibility will be question in U.S. BUT "so what!" as long that you stand for the truth. If you really care for bro Rody soul do something now before it's too late.

Did you furnish to the brethren who gave you the money for benevolence the many pieces of evidence that I gave to you? You know those brethren who gave me those evidences were getting mad to me because they say you told them that you never asked me to produce those corruption. If the other brethren reading this message ask you about the evidence, what will say then? Will you say that I never gave you? Remember when I sent to you the "horror story?" You told me in your letter that "Roger please produce two or three witnesses on your allegation". (I can send to you your letter if you don't remember those statements). Anyway, I have already sent out your letter to me asking about the evidence to the brethren in Mindanao. They are no longer angry at me because they see your own letter asking for evidence. I think they know now who is telling the truth between us.

Hey bro Jim, there's nothing wrong accepting our fault. For me I keep repenting everyday in my life for the mistakes and sins that I committed. And I am asking forgiveness to you again if I hurt your feeling in sending you this message but I need to tell you the truth. I love your soul and I want to see you in Heaven!

You made a lot of confusion and division here in our country. Why don't you consider Glenn reports? He has been living here for almost 8 years and he knows what's going on. We go together from Mindanao, Pagadian, Palawan and Pampanga and he observed the real situation of the brethren. I tell you there are some studies where I disagree with Glenn and I continue studying his stand. What do you have against him that you feel you can’t trust his word? You have the same position on all the issues. Did you realize that? I’ve heard him speak out against the "one covenant" and I know that his position on MDR is the SAME AS YOURS. Why can’t you both continue to have fellowship in solving these problems. We are all brothers, Jim. Have you ever try to talk personally about these issues to Glenn while visiting here? I hope you will do that in future.

Give the Filipino people a chance to stand for the truth. I pray God will help us to understand more His will, not because it was said by American brethren. No way brother Jim! We have our own bibles in our own dialects which I can understand and you cannot. You keep on making your reports and judgement based on what the brethren told you and what you have observed for a very short time. I challenge you stay here in one city for six (6) months and deal with our brethren and I can assure you that you will know the real macoy.

You continue:

But the test is still there. Where are the names of those supporting churches and/or individuals who supported Greg $1,000? Let Glenn and Wallace produce those names and I will do as I said I would do: I will rebuke Greg and urge his supporters to cease his support.

(RMW) Maybe the amount of the support was not correct (I don’t know) but the real issue here Jim is that; Bro Greg stop preaching in Sampaguita, he only resume when Glenn made his report. This is a fact.

Lastly, please accept my apology if I hurt your feeling, I love your soul my brother and I keep on praying for you. Let us put to end these garbage, let us talk and settle our differences. We can’t solve this problem by papers only. Let us sit down and study in love, after all the owner of the church is our Lord not us, we are just laborer in His vineyard. Let us not try to become the judge, that is belong to Him, Him alone! I pray hard that all these conflict and problems that we have will be put to end.

Let us concentrate to preach the gospel to the lost, let us bring more souls in His Kingdom by using His word! Remember we are all accountable to Him not to anybody.

Your loving brother,

Roger M Wanasen

Aug 10, 2000

Note: Think about these two statement:

"The guilt of the present state of the word rest on the shoulders of those who are over 40 years old today (with a very few exception)…Those who, when they spoke, said less than they knew and said it less clearly than the subject demanded"

"When opposite basic principles are clearly and openly defined, it works to the advantage of the rational side; when they are not clearly defined, but are hidden or evaded, it works to the advantage of the irrational side"