Corruption in the Philippines

Dear brethren,

My Lord said " You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free"!

I am very much concerned about the situation of Glenn but I am more disturbed on Bro Rody Gumpad's report. I am glad that Rody still believed on me that I never tolerated dishonesty, lying and corruption. When I read his report I went immediately to Tuguegarao to verify the post of brother Rody. I stayed there for two days talking to all parties concerned especially to the people used by bro Rody. In his report I found out his bias, dishonesty and false statement. Let me quote his statement and I will tell you the truth of the matter. I will start from the source that he mentioned.

(Rody) The source of all the above information is from sister LETTY PICSEWEN (their mother), EMY (Phoebe's younger sister) Alex Ramirez (Husband of Emy) and their other brothers and sister in flesh. Like all of them (Family of the late bro. Emeterio Picsewen)

(The truth) Sister LETTY PICSEWEN, EMY AND ALEX are not staying with Glenn and Phoebe's house, they live in Sampaguita which takes couple of minutes to go there. They don't know what really happened.

(Rody) Alex stayed and worked hard with Glenn especially the wood curving works of his house. This evening, after they told us all these things and more about Glenn's Lies and dishonesty,..

(The truth) Rody never talked nor appeared to Phoebe's brothers and sisters. Noli and Boyet claimed that they never saw nor talk Rody, the same statement of Len Len and Clarence. Sister Letty, Emy and Alex admitted to me, they told Rody that they have a family problem but they never said that Glenn is CORRUPT and DISHONEST

(Rody) Brethren, again, Glenn Hamilton is LYING and hopes this will clear all brethren who are concerned on this matter.

(The truth) Glenn is not LYING. I even talk to the same person who wanted to harm and he was very sorry for what happen and even asked forgiveness.

(Rody) According to many brethren here (especially their mother and others members of their family), he did that Lying for several purposes: First to get more money. Second, For a graceful exit (From Philippines back to the United States). Third, To put down the faithful Gospel Workers here and in abroad who are involved of the Lord's work here.

(The truth) According to the family of Phoebe they never said these three (3) allegations fabricated by Rody. Glenn was not greedy over money, his report is true and not to get more money; Glenn does not need to ask money in order to go back to the United States. He can do that by contacting his family. I understand his family provided their ticket; Glenn will not make his reports, so that Gospel Workers will be put down, this is none sense and I wonder what might be the purpose of Rody in his allegation. Now my brethren let us go to Rody's reports:

(Rody) The report of Glen Hamilton this morning is not true. We just home from our almost one day investigation of this matter and this is what we found; 1) It is NOT true that somebody attempted his life in his office at about midnight. Not only his wife and children can prove that but even "Janet" their sister in law who is staying with them said that no such thing happened!

(The truth) As I have said I was able to talk to the same person who wanted to harm Glenn. The whole family can attest to that and there are seven (7) preachers and two (2) sisters who were present during my confrontation to the said person. Glenn and Phoebe family who were also present are Sister Letty (their mother), Emy, LenLen, Clarence, Noli, and Boyet. Janet (their sister-in-law) was also present including Alex (brother-in-law). Janet denied that she talked to Rody and told Rody statement was not true. To prove herself she even made a letter.(The letter was in my position and send to Glenn and Phoebe by e-mail).

2) It is not true that "TWO" had attempted his life at that hour of the night and they fled. Their Big, safety house can also prove this because there is "NO any Force Entry". The lock and doors of their house are all intact, NO signs of any attempts and NO glasses or anything had been broken!

(The truth) There were couple of people who were inside Glenn and Phoebe house at that time. One of them luckily holds the person who wanted to harm Glenn by scissors. The report of Alex Ramirez is true that "no force of entry" and no attempt happen during the night because the event happened in the afternoon. Janet and all the family claimed that they never talked to Rody. Rody just talked to sister Letty (Phoebe mother) and Alex Ramirez with his wife Emy who are not staying with Glenn and Phoebe. Rody never tried to visit the house of Glenn to talk to the people who witness the said event. Finally let us go to Rody conclusion;

1) They have a great family Feud that he cannot settle because he is the problem

(The truth) I do agree that Glenn and Phoebe family has problems. I talked on both side and I learned that both of them have misunderstanding. We need to accept that Philippines has different culture to the American.

2) Dishonesty and Lying is the problem of his in-laws to him.

(The truth) I don't know where Rody got these statements. Glenn and Phoebe have been very supportive to their families. Sister Letty received monthly support from them, they enroll three (3) of Phobe's brothers and sister in colleges and one in high school. Glenn and Phobe never charge any single centavos from them. All of them are free to use lights, water, telephone and others. They provide also allowances and buy books and other materials that they needed in the school and sometimes they bought also clothes and shoes for them. In fact Sister Letty (their mother); Emy (Phoebe sister); Noli (Phoebe brother) made a letter to Glenn and Phoebe asking forgiveness from their mistakes. (I forwarded all their letters to Glenn and Phoebe by E-mail in using scanner).

3) In the past weeks, he and his wife, were already telling/indicated to some of their family members that they are leaving soon.

(The truth) This is very true. Glenn and Phoebe are planning to stay in Bulacan to help some congregation in Pampanga and Bulacan. They requested Glenn for his help to understand more the truth. Last Oct 28, Glenn and I speak with these congregations (Candelaria Church, Malolos church, Mozon church and San Vicente church) These congregation still young and they have some practice which is not found in the scripture, that's why Glenn and I keep on working with them, until Glenn decided to rent a place for him and his family to help these congregation.

4) His sister in Law, Emy (wife of Alex) is holding today their exchange letter that exposed the dishonesty of Glenn. Glenn Tried to iron this by his seven page letter to them but failed.

(The truth) I never saw that letter mentioned by Rody, but Emy made a letter asking forgiveness from Glenn and Phoebe. You can ask Glenn and Phoebe about this because I forwarded to them by e-mail.

5) His allies (Neo Aglugub, Rey Ugale, Robert Gamiao, and others had also talked lately and corrected him of his CORRUPTION.

(The truth) These brethren went to Glenn house to talk to him regarding the family problems. They never went there to correct Glenn CORRUPTION. I talked to these brethren and they said that Rody's report is not true. Jim Mcdonald also talked to Robert Gamiao, and he learned from Robert that Rody' s report is false. When I was at Glenn and Phoebe's house last Nov 15, I was there settling the problem and talking to his family including Alex. When we saw Rody's car and he parked in front of Glenn and Phoebe house. Rody got down with De Los Reyes and I was surprised when I saw Jim Mcdonald going down with them. When they were moving toward the house of Glenn, Emy welcomed them. Alex said to her wife Emy to let them come in. When they learned that I was there inside the house, they fled and never proceeded as they plan to talk to the family because they have been looking for them. I thought they will come to help the family to settle the problem but I was surprised when they just left the place without entering the house. I don' t know their agenda my brethren BUT God knows their purpose.

This is the real event on Glenn's return to United States. I don't not say that you believe on me, but communicate also to the family of Glenn and Phoebe, so that you will know the truth. This is the outcome of my two days trip in Tuguegarao.

In His blood I remain,
Roger M Wanasen Servant of the Lord

Note: I can prove all my statement that I made. During my confrontation to Glenn and Phoebe family there were preachers who were present and joined the conversation; bro Neo Aglugub and his wife; bro Robert Gamiao and his wife; bro Alex Ramirez and his wife; bro Ruffy Grande and his sister; bro Rey Corsino; bro Rey Ugale and bro John Daguyam. I am glad that every one of them speaks on forgiving one another and restoring the family. Glenn and Phoebe family presents were; Sister Letty (their mother); sisters Emy, LenLen and Clarence, their brothers are Noli and Boyet. Janet (sister in law) was also present.

**************************************************************************** ******************

Dear brother Rody,

May the Lord of mercy be with us forever and ever.

I thank you for your recognition to me on not tolerating Corruption, Lying and Dishonesty. Now, I want to correct your lying on your report. You made a post, which you never confirmed. You just investigate people who are not living with Glenn and Phoebe. You mentioned on your post that "Janet and all his family members said that there was NO such happened. Did you ever talked to Janet? Did you ever talk to Noli and Boyet? Did you ever talk to LenLen, and Clarence? Of course not! Because all of them neither claimed that you never see nor talked to each other.

I want to ask you this question; Why is it that you got mad at me when the brethren in Bangag congregation invited me to speak before them? Are there any wrongs in preaching "love one another". I never said anything against you. According to them you will charge me to pay P22,000 because you are the one who built the building. I have no malice intention in going there. Beside I am here in Manila and it is too far from me. Keep on preaching there and edify the brethren and help them to become mature.

This is also a puzzle to me and please enlightens me about this. Why is it that you fled when you learned that I was there talking with Glenn and Phoebe family? If you really wanted to help the problem, why not come and proceed and help me in solving the problem? What is your Agenda? Do you really want to destroy Glenn and his family?

Last Question, is it true that you were the one who constructed and types the letter of bro Alex Ramirez? If it is true, why? What is your purpose?

I pray you will repent to your false and unconfirmed reports. STOP doing this because this will not help the situation. The best thing that you can do is to encourage the congregation, friends and family to pray for Glenn and his family and YOU lead again the prayer.

Again stop this kind of unholy attitude. You are old enough and I pray you will make up and straighten your way in serving Him! Be a good example to us who are still young in faith.

May the God of mercy forgive us and guide us on His way.

In Him I remain,
Roger M. Wanasen Servant of the Lord