Malware Removal

We can remove most malware from Windows-based computers without losing your files. It is not a 100% guarantee (there are some nasty things going around), but we will do our best.


If your computer is getting slow, we can clean out old files and old programs that can slow down your computer.


Have you bought a new computer or printer? We can help you set it up for use.


Want to install or upgrade the WiFi in your home? Let our technicians take the hassle out of making the changes


Repairs can be done for PC-compatible desktop computers. (I don’t have the equipment to handle laptops or tablets.)


Modifications to existing websites or creating a new website.



Need code written to accomplish a task? Jeff is skilled in over 50 programming languages.

Uncertain what a message means that pops up on your computer? Want to know how to do something in Microsoft Office? We can help you become more productive and save you from getting scammed by pop-up messages.

Remote Services

Instructional help, maintenance issues, and some malware removal can be done remotely. If you need help, you can call and have a technician look at your computer. This service is only offered to existing customers.

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